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August 24th, 2010

Working from home is such a joy @ 10:23 am

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: "The Night I Punch Russell Crowe" - Gaelic Storm

I really need to see if I can convince my boss to let me telecommute more often. I'm more productive (current evidence to the contrary, ha!) and much more relaxed.

I can skip the drive, contribute less pollution and save on gas, especially as I drive an SUV and run the A/C most days. I can listen to whatever music I want in my home office, as loud as I want and not worry about being clueless to somebody rapping on my door due to having earphones in my head since my back is to the door, which bugs the hell out of me. Sadly the desk is too much of pain in the ass to move and might not fit correctly in another configuration. Not that I'm complaining, even after nine months I'm still thrilled that I have an office. I've done pretty well for a guy who never completed college.

By the way, for those curious, the Ogham presentation went very well, I think. Of course, our friend who came with us who has been a part of Toastmasters informed me that she counted my "ums" and "uhhs" out of habit and if I wanted feedback as a presenter from that perspective she'd be happy to help. What, one single class in Public Speaking in college wasn't enough? She did say though that the information was great and she could tell I was knowledgeable about the subject (debatable, but I guess the "baffle them with bullshit" thing worked to my favor).

I was told that I have raised the bar for presentations as I was very thorough and organized. Apparently most presentations are much less formal and have no handouts.

*shrug* I'm glad it was so well received. Is it wrong that I particularly enjoyed saying "Robert Graves made up the Celtic Tree Calendar stuff"? Not that I begrudge anybody who finds that work of "creative inspiration" personally inspiring, but it's not based on anything historical.
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