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August 3rd, 2010

As for that tree branch... @ 01:40 pm

Current Mood: lazy lazy

...it held.

Last night went very well. The discussion was about hypnotism and trance work and the positive and negative uses of hypnotism and trance. Everybody was pleasant and there was good, focused discussion to be had. The conversation touched on purposeful meditation/trance work as well as hypnotherapy, the hypnotic qualities of ritual and oration (with Southern Charismatic Christianity being used as an example) and the hidden, sometimes disturbing messages in mass media (and the quasi-hypnotic qualities therein). Very interesting conversation.

Saw a few familiar faces, but nobody I was all that close to in the past.

On a side note, on top of feeling rather old realizing that this particular Border Pagans group is nearly ten years old, I was sad to learn that the other Border Pagan groups, including the original one near Cumberland Mall are defunct.

On a happy note, apparently somebody else purchased the land at Dragon Hills and it is now very well cared for, including a manicured ritual circle and well cared-for land. They also added some other amenities, such as flush toilets and cabins with A/C, while retaining the primitive campsites scattered throughout the 120 acres. I’d be curious to go out there and see how the land is now. Considering that last time it was in such bad repair that it made me physically ill, the idea that the land is in much better shape now is thrilling.

Selena and I know the couple responsible for managing the land; one of them used to be the on-site EMT and nearly every gathering held out there.
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