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February 2nd, 2010

Faoi Bhrat Bhríde Sinn! @ 11:06 am

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A very happy Imbolc to all of you! We celebrated Imbolc with our friends on Saturday the 30th, mixing the practice of observing the festival on the day of the full moon closest to it with “The Day Everybody Can Make It”™. :)

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In unrelated news, I must’ve pulled or sprained a muscle in my chest because deep breaths and just about any movement hurts like hell, not to mention sleeping on my side. I think it happened when I carried the anvil that used to be on my Father-in-law’s farm into the house to place in front of the fireplace. Of course, I didn’t feel it until later in the day and decided that despite the small inconvenient pain I’d still do my kettlebell workout…stupid, stupid thing to do; now my chest hurts and I smell like Ben-Gay, which makes the people I speak to at work happy to be in my presence, let me tell you!

Here’s hoping your Imbolc is a blessed and meaningful one!

January 18th, 2010

About Yele... @ 09:45 am

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Well, I feel stupid and owe you all an apology.

It turns out that Yele isn't the most reputable charitable organization to send money to:


So I took down my old post. Sorry for any who donated money by texting Yele to that number.

Thankfully I gave $15 to the American Red Cross, so donating $5 here wasn't the extent of my contribution.

Who knows, perhaps the money will be used to help - I'd like to think so, but after reading up on the Yele Haiti Foundation, I'd rather not risk it.

January 14th, 2010

January 13th, 2010

Attention Classical Music Lovers! @ 11:32 am

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I recently found a fantastic website that streams classical music.

I haven't tried any of the other stations except for Portland's "All Classical" (No. 6 down (not sequentially, it's actually the 7th one down since they start counting at 0 o.O)) which I adore.

Over the holidays they did four or five days of traditional medieval Christmas songs which were hauntingly beautiful and powerful.

They also seem to have ESP. I sent in a request for Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No4 for Sunday's show (which is the only time they do requests) and right as I pressed send the host played that exact arrangement. Hurray for psychic classical station hosts! ;p

Please donate if you like the sites you listen to so they can keep the broadcasts free. I think of it as a way of supporting the arts!

January 12th, 2010

Support abortion? Don't live in KS...it might get you 'justifiably' murdered... @ 03:35 pm

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I am OUTRAGED at this:

That's it, let's paint a big red fucking target on doctors who perform abortions and abortion rights advocates/pro-choicers, not to mention women seeking abortions! What a fucking dipshit!

This disgusts and infuriates me...it is FAR beyond me how anybody could entertain this as a sane and just ruling. What's to stop Roeder from killing again after serving a reduced sentence (of potentially only five years?).

And that fucking jumble of wasted of DNA, Spitz? I'll bet him and the rest of his ilk in the Army of God are just frothing at the mouth to see what happens so they can up their violence and intimidation tactics.

Fred Phelps of "God Hates Fags" infamy must be so proud of his home state judge...

You know what else? I wouldn't be surprised if some violent, militant pro-choice person decided to do the same thing to Roeder that he did to Tiller in outrage over all of this.

Disgusting. Stupid and Disgusting.

January 11th, 2010

My latest gaming addiction @ 08:36 pm

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It's been a very long time since I've gotten so involved with a story-driven single player RPG...Dragon Age: Origins is probably the best RPG I've ever played. It's not perfect, but damn is it close.

The game's story first of all is compelling, gritty and realistic (maybe "believable" is a better word). It's also morally ambiguous in a lot of ways, forcing you to make very difficult decisions and definitely plenty of "lesser of two evils" situations. It gets you involved, makes you care about (or love or hate) the characters involved and really grabs a hold of you. It's like playing an epic, dark fantasy movie.

Combat is fun and engaging, but definitely turn-based...you pause and plan a lot and will wind up reloading from saves quite often...especially if you have the wrong party composition. The graphics are pretty stunning, especially when it comes to the characters details. The faces in particular look very realistic and well done. I found myself constantly reloading saves to have conversations with the different companions you meet and trying out different responses to them, just to see their reaction - the characters really do seem like living, breathing people. From an raised eyebrow to looks of sadness and pity, the facial responses are top notch.

Lastly, the game is MASSIVE! I'm 40 hours of play time in and I'm still not even 50% complete! Even considering that first forays into a game usually take longer than subsequent replays, it's still staggering how involved and massive the game is.

Interestingly there's a bit of familiar lore throughout the game. For example, there is a mage who is a "witch of the wilds" who specializes in shapeshifting named "Morrigan" as well as a character not actually in the game but spoken about everywhere and revered named "Andraste".

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January 6th, 2010

Imminent Snowfall? @ 08:19 pm

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So the weather channel says it's possible for us here in Georgia to get up to two inches of accumulated snowfall tomorrow starting in the late afternoon/early evening. Most likely the bulk of it will be in Northern Georgia, but they are calling for snow to accumulate in Central Georgia as well, which we're kind of at the top of - we're closer to North Georgia then Central Georgia anyway.

Kind of exciting to think about the first snowfall of 2010 potentially falling tomorrow. I think I'll leave work early and finish up from home to avoid the imminent hassle of traffic that evening. All the weather people need say here in Georgia is "Snowfall possible" and you have mass panic on the roads and there's no milk, butter, eggs or bread in the stores. Apparently the threat of snowfall here makes people crave French toast...

January 5th, 2010

What do you know, Eljayland? @ 04:42 pm

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Happy 2010! Hope everybody had an enjoyable holiday season!

Christmas was fun, but a little hectic, as usual. New Year's however was a delight! My parents rented a nice two bedroom condo on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina (my dad was born in Charleston) and we accompanied them for New Year's. For the first time I watched the new year roll in on the waves of the Atlantic as Pam and I sat and stood on the beach under the blue moon and observed the combination full moon and new year as the clock struck midnight.

I am glad to see 2009 gone. It will be remembered as a year of tragic death and sorrow. Not that it was all bad, but when I think on the things about the year that stand out, they're all bad. Some folklore says that during the blue moon the moon has a face and can talk. Being that it was very cloudy that night I couldn't see if that was true, but after this year I'm convinced that if it was true, the moon would've been crying tears of sorrow and relief.

I guess one good thing that happened during 2009 was I finally got out of my old department! Yes, after five years of doing the same thing every month and planning my life around the first two weeks of the month I'm no longer responsible for Data! It's odd - this is now the second data cycle to come that I haven't been a part of and I don't think I know quite what to do with myself. I can go home at 5pm and not have to worry about logging in to approve work on clients or make sure my direct reports are working and have support. I no longer have any direct reports! Hoo-fucking-ray! May it last!

Now I'm doing something somewhat related to my old job - I basically am a sort of "Lead Business System Analyst" for the Rating function that my company provides. What this means is I troubleshoot, create reports and check/answer questions about taxability and applicability. It's okay, I'm done talking about it now, so you can wake up! :p

Spiritually speaking I'm in a good place. Actually exposing myself to atheists and atheist thought (people like Richard Dawkins and discussion boards) made it clear I needed to draw a line in the sand and determine where I stood in terms of being an atheist or not. I landed firmly on the side of "not" - I just can't honestly say that I believe there's nothing more than this physical life and that there's no deity, no afterlife, no "mysteries of faith" as it were. Spent a lot of nights smoking my pipe tobacco, pacing outside in the freezing cold and exhausting my brain thinking while examining my need for faith, my attitude towards it and other such things, such as what I believe (which as with most people, I'm still figuring that out).

Well, that's a lot to expect people to read from somebody as inconstant on LJ as I am. Hope you all are well and look forward to hearing from you and catching up!

November 5th, 2008

Finally, an End to an Error @ 05:24 pm

Like most of you I'm guardedly optimistic about this, but optimisitic and happy nonetheless.

President-Elect Obama signifies new hope for our country, and I pray, hope and wish that he will live up to the promises he has made. Make no mistake, he's set quite a list of things for him to do and people on both sides of the fence will be watching expectingly.

It feels good to be hopeful about the direction our country is moving and the world's reaction is also quite telling.

I respected McCain's graceful concession speech and found myself thinking "If only he'd acted that way during the election he might have had a better chance". Not that I wanted him to win, mind you, but where was that poise and grace when he was scoffing, rolling his eyes and otherwise showing is condescending attitude during the debates?

Obama's speech was absolutely moving, and it felt good to have my state mentioned in a positive light - gods know we deal with enough stereotypes for being Southerners. A friend of my wife's who lives in CA mentioned how people there there were ranting on and on about Southerners being "Bible-beating rednecks" and such. Which I find hilarious coming from a state that, despite being "Blue" utterly failed to distinguish itself as any different from a "Red" state when it comes to the issue of Gay Marriage.

I'd type more but busy!

July 4th, 2008

Happy 4th! @ 01:32 pm

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Hope everybody enjoys their 4th, for those of you who have to work today, be safe!

No real plans today - might drive out to Fado's to hang out with a buddy of mine from my dojo who is bouncing tonight. I didn't know Fado's even had bouncers. Where were they several St. Pat's ago when I had Halitosis Helga in my face doing the absolute worst Fat Bastard impression mere inches from my face (I was in my kilt and was trying to move away quickly, alas for being in a moon boot due to breaking a bone in my ankle) and damn near knocked my Guinness out of my hand? Thankfully a waitress saw my predicament and inserted herself quite effectively between me and 7th layer of hell-breath.

Picked up Tohuvabohu, KMFDM's most recent album. It absolutely rocks! "Superpower" is funny, the title track is aggressive and driving, "Spit or Swallow" is in your face, "Headcase" is scathing and "Bumaye", "Saft Und Kraft" and "I am what I am" are heavy and intense. There's not one bad song on this album.

I'm happy to hear Lucia Cifarelli on more tracks - I don't quite get what people's beef with her is - she's talented and intense on top of being absolutely gorgeous.

Finally got some decent sleep - I slept for twelve hours this morning and finally feel well-rested. The last two days we've worked our asses off so we wouldn't have to work today. Spoke with my boss about the whole India Initiative and the answers were about what you'd expect - everything reduced down to numbers. I respect and like my boss and understand these decisions were made even over his head. Bah - I'm in too good of a mood to navel gaze about India right now...

Anyway, have a good 4th, everybody!