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August 10th, 2010

Why is everybody looking at *me*? @ 10:57 am

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Gods am I tired. I shouldn’t complain though, I’m tired after spending last night in good conversation with other pagans at Borders and afterwards at Bailey’s, which despite its Irish name is much more your “Everybar” than a proper Irish Pub. Decent food, cold Guinness and very roomy place. Still, I’m tired…and I’m contemplating sneaking over to the dark, never used so-called “lactation room” which has a comfy leather couch and taking a nap for an hour or eight. I probably shouldn’t; my snoring would likely give me away.

I have to say, I am really happy to be back involved with the Border Pagans discussions (so named for the bookstore we meet at to hold our discussion group). I remember going to what I believe was the original Border Pagans discussion group when it was still very young when I was around 20-21 years old. I went every week and it was a sizeable part of my life. I only attended the Border Pagans at Town Center a few times, the original one at Cumberland always felt like “mine” in that I had already been invested in it for a year when the one at Town Center cropped up, despite being closer to where I lived then. Odd how the TC one is the only one left now.

Last night found us without a discussion moderator, so we didn’t really have a topic. To remedy this C, a lady I met what seems like a lifetime ago asked me, the new guy, to come up with a topic. No pressure! Luckily Selena and I had been discussing a very relevant topic over the weekend and during the car ride to Borders, so I was not unprepared! Last night we discussed ethics, morals and virtues and went around the table describing what forms the basis for our personal ethical system. Very good conversation ensued.

Of course, a night wouldn’t be complete without a completely inadvertent advertisement so now I find myself presenting the topic of discussion next Monday! We meet outside, and even though it doesn’t start until 8 pm the evil of the day’s humidity and heat still lingers. I reached into my satchel and pulled out the only book I had that was suitable to use as a fan, which happened to be a binder that I have Erynn’s “Not Your Mama’s Ogham” in. The words on the cover page didn’t go unnoticed by C apparently because after our discussion on ethics ended she asked those present if there was a topic that they would like to discuss next week, just in case the moderators aren’t able to make it again next week (both of them have been leading discussions and have other life things going on, so they are understandably burned out, it seems). After asking what topics had been covered recently I suggested either discussing misnomers and misinformation in Paganism or a perennial favorite topic, divination. At this point C says “Well, I noticed that you were using a book on Ogham to fan yourself with earlier, would you mind presenting on Ogham next Monday?”

I agreed to do an introductory presentation. I look at it as a great learning experience for me as well as a chance to share some knowledge. Teaching something is a great way to learn and I’m still very much learning about Ogham. Erynn, you just might have some revenue coming your way next week as I plan on pimping your books on the subject (especially since I’ll be pointing to them as part of my sources!). Let me know if you have any reservations with that.

For more reasons than I can really say, I feel the Gods’ hands in this – it’s helping me advance spiritually and challenges me to grow.

Last night’s conversation at dinner revealed that the “fake poly” people (heretofore referred to as “polyfuckerists”, to borrow the hilarious and fitting term from C’s husband (they themselves are polyamorous)) as well as the people who showed up to pagan events and rituals just to party (read: get drunk and/or high) have pretty much dispersed and latched on to the local iterations of “The Burning Man” festivals and more family oriented gatherings with a renewed focus on spirituality have emerged. This, coupled with the good news I’ve heard about the management of Dragon Hills and the improvements to the place have made both Selena and I strongly consider attending a public gathering in the future.

I was very guarded and unsure when I decided to put my feet back in the waters, but now it feels that things are just coming together. I still plan on being cautious, but it feels good to slowly become part of the community again.
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Date:August 11th, 2010 07:05 am (UTC)
I hope the discussion group continues to go well for you; I'm glad that your explorations seem to be bearing fruit.
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Date:August 12th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
Thanks, me too!

It sort of feels like a lot of things were waiting for this to happen, and now the gates are starting to open, if that makes sense.